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Students & Parent FAQ

Are you new to the Nease Band Program? Are you filled with questions? Please take a few moments to read below and browse the website. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our Board Members (linked below) or just click the contact button at the top.


  • Booster Board-  Nease Band has a Booster Board comprised of President, VP Fundraising, VP Marching and Concert band, VP Guard, VP Percussion, Treasurer, Student Accounts Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Communications Secretary. Each member may serve in their roll for only 2 years so we are always looking for new and upcoming parents to shadow. If you are interested in a specific roll, please contact that Board Member. Feel free to contact any of them should you have a question or concern.
  • Meetings – We have them. It’s important that at least one parent from the family join us for our various meetings so you know are well informed and are aware of what your fabulous children are doing. It’s also a great way to learn about volunteer areas, committees, etc and to get to know your fellow band parents.  Any meetings will be communicated through our weekly band blast email as well as our Facebook group.
  • We have a newsletter!  We call it a band blast and it typically comes out each Sunday. It’s FULL of informative information you need to know. We use the email addressed provided upon registration so please let us know if your address changes. Also, please let our communications Secretary know if you are not receiving your weekly band blast.
  • We have a Facebook group!  It’s a “secret” group so you can’t find us by searching. But if you would like to join us please send our Communications Secretary a note and we will be happy to get you added. It’s a great place to share info, help fellow band families, share photos and stay informed.
  • Students have Facebook groups! Students have their own “secret” Facebook groups as well. One for the whole band, one for their area of the band (woodwind, percussion, brass, guard) and one for their section (clarinet, flute, tuba, etc)
  • Fundraising – The band offers many opportunities to raise money towards the band’s overall budget and students’ individual fees. See the Fundraising tab on the band website. This info is always provided in the band blast as well.
  • Costs & Dues– The band is self-funded. Meaning all of our revenue comes from dues, sponsorship and fundraising. While we do quite a bit of fundraising for the band as well as for individuals, we do still have dues. Each student has a specific amount they will need to pay to participate in marching band (indoor and concert programs are additional). Dues vary from year to year and will be announced via paperwork available during the summer months. Concert dues will be announced typically in late November/December along with Indoor Program dues.
  • Volunteering – We ask families to do what they can. It takes a LOT  to keep this band running smoothly. There are a multitude of ways to get involved – some that require just a little and some that require a LOT. Please click on the Volunteering tab to learn about how to become a volunteer!
  • Rookie Camp –  A week of learning JUST for our Rookies. Freshmen and Sophomores come together along with our officers and leaders to teach and refresh the basics. This is required for all freshmen, sophomores and anyone new to the Nease Band.
  • Band Camp – This is a very important time to kick-off a successful season and occurs each year the 2 weeks prior to school starting. The students come together as a whole to accomplish a huge goal – learning the music and marching drill that will be their performance in competitions and at halftime shows at home football games. It is hard but fulfilling work!  This is required for ALL marching students (winds, percussion and guard)Please see our Band Camp page for additional info.
  • Leadership – Anthony Cananzi is our director. He has various staff members that help the students in specific areas (percussion, woodwinds, brass) Drum Majors are students that are selected through auditions to lead the marching under Mr. Cananzi’s direction. Captains and Lieutenants are next in line, appointed by Mr. Cananzi, and oversee the woodwind, brass, percussion and guard. Section Leaders are upper classmen appointed by Mr. Cananzi and are responsible for their section to know the music and drill for the season’s show.
  • Practices – Wind/Percussion practice Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Friday followed by football games). An occasional Saturday camp day is also to be expected. See calendar.   Guard practices Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (Friday followed by football games) Practices begin after school and end at 6PM. While instruction ends at 6PM, please note that students are then required to put away all instruments, help with front ensemble, clean up practice area and band room before being dismissed.
  • Competitions – These are held at high schools around the state. Competitions are an all-day affair. Call time is typically early morning at Nease with an return arrival of anywhere from midnight to 4AM depending on location. They are held on Saturdays and will be on the calendar. Nease is classified as a 5A band and has placed 3rd, 5th and 6th in their class for the last 3 years running.
  • Football Games– Friday Night Lights!  Marching students are expected to attend each football game and stay for it’s entirety. Students will be provided a quick, light dinner prior to games, march to the stadium, perform as a pep band to support the football team and perform their show at halftime. 3rd quarter they have “off” to grab more food (they are teenagers) and then back to the stands to play for 4th quarter. They are dismissed from the band room after clean up, etc. Transportation is provided for away games.
  • RAIN, RAIN – GO AWAY! – We expect rain – It’s Florida after all! Students do practice and perform in rain. Heavy rain, lightening, or other dangerous weather we of course go indoors. Kids usually love it as it cools them off!